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Escape Velocity

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Release date Oct.30th

The Riffdisc Series continues with the October 2012 release of the new 8 song Cd, ESCAPE VELOCITY, the fifth and final instalment of the Riffdisc Series that began in 2005. As each release in the series focuses on a different aspect and approach to Nicks music, Escape Velocity is a hybrid recording. Nicks vocals and main guitar , with George Shiner from The Attitude on drums, were recorded live at Magnetic North Studio in Cleveland, Ohio by Chris Keffer. Chris produced Nicks releases for Delerium records in the 90s and has worked on projects with the Black Keys and Cheap Trick. At Oblivion Studio Nick recorded bass guitar, keyboards and synthesizers, superimposing the tracks into the live takes. A final session at Magnetic North added a texture vocal track, saxaphone by Norman Tischler, and percussion by Angel Wolff. The mixing and evolution of the songs naturally flowed into the mastering sessions that developed the music from mind to perceptible manifest. 62 minutes of smokin' songs and psychedelic sounds...

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Recording and performing music in various bands and solo projects since the mid 1970s Nick Riff has through time become some what of a cult figure in the psychedelic and space rock community worldwide. His music ranges from psychedelic hard rock and space punk to ethereal singer songwriter folk and cosmic instrumental soundtrack jams. The adventurous visitor to the music and media pages will find access to downloads and CDs of the Riffdisc Series releases, hear complete songs on the music player, videos and in depth interviews. Don't forget your free Mp3s.

Nick Riff is currently writing and recording new music for an upcomming solo CD of heavy psychedelic space rock. Stay tuned...


The Universe is MentalThe Universe Is Mental, the fourth release in the Riffdisc Series is focused in a more instrumental space rock direction, influenced by Nicks recent studies in psychotropic astronomy and investigations into paleolithic era rhythms. The music was recorded in real time without the use of MIDI, computer synchronization, or drum machines, resulting in atmospheric soundtracks perfect for films and slideshows, rooms filled with exotic smoke, or cosmic trips into the listeners mind, although Nicks psych-songwriting remains intact on a few tracks so you don't completely dissolve, The Universe Is Mental could possibly be the most psychedelic release in the Riffdisc Series so far...

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